Anujan, Krishna

My broad research interests are in the biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of tropical forests. For my PhD, I study the role of trophic interactions in productivity and decomposition, focussing on communities of tropical forest seedlings and their insect herbivores. I intend to integrate a functional trait based understanding of the interactions as well as the landscape context in order to predict spatial variation in productivity and decomposition. Much of the work will be carried out in the Andaman Islands, an archipelago of continental islands in the Bay of Bengal.

Before starting my PhD, I worked as a field coordinator for the Long Term Ecosystem Monitoring Network (LEMoN-India), managing two forest dynamics plots. I completed my Integrated BS-MS at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune (IISER-P). For my masters’ thesis, I worked on the effects of introduced spotted deer on tree communities in the Andaman Islands advised by Dr. Jayashree Ratnam and Dr. Mahesh Sankaran. Besides research, I am also involved in ecology outreach and science communication.