Valencia, Vivian

Vivigdl_51115_kzimmermann023an Valencia is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Agroecology and Food System Sustainability at the University of Michigan. Her current work investigates the nexus between agriculture and nutrition for the family farming sector in Brazil. Vivian's career goal is to develop the scientific underpinnings for sustainable agricultural systems that address the need for providing nutritious food with conserving the ecosystem services and biodiversity resources upon which they depend.

Vivian defended her dissertation in May 2015. For her dissertation research, she integrated methods and theories from the natural and social sciences to investigate farmers' decision-making and the consequences for biodiversity conservation among smallscale shade coffee farmers in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. She examined patterns of tree species diversity and community composition in coffee agroforestry systems and uncovered the social drivers related to farmers’ decision-making and ecological processes giving rise to those patterns. Vivian was co-advised by Shahid Naeem and Paige West; her committee members included Ruth DeFries, Eleanor Sterling (AMNH), and Luis García-Barrios (ECOSUR).




Currently at Blesh Lab

U. Michigan